Firm Information

A Tennessee tax attorney at Edwards & Prince, P. C. will help solve IRS tax debt providing diligent representation to clients in US Tax Court litigation and IRS appeals. Our experienced tax attorneys can obtain relief from liens, levies, and garnishments, and are experienced with obtaining tax relief via offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, and other forms of federal and state tax debt relief. The firm includes a former IRS attorney. The firm's lawyers also represent clients in state matters involving the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Types of Tax Relief Provided


A Tennessee tax attorney at Edwards & Prince, P. C. can help clients contain the following types of relief from Tennessee tax debt or IRS tax debt:

Tax LitigationThe firm's Tennessee tax attorneys handle cases before the US Tax Court, Federal District Courts, and State Courts.

Currently Non Collectible Status:  If an account is placed in currently non collectible status. the IRS will not pursue collections against the taxpayer unless their financial situation improves.

Offers in Compromise:  In this program, an offer is made to settle the IRS tax debt, often for a fraction of the total tax debt that the IRS says is owed.

Bankruptcy:  The firm's Tennessee tax attorneys will evaluate which taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy, and assist with the decision on whether that is the best type of relief that is available in the client's specific case.


Innocent Spouse Relief:  This relief is appropriate in situations where a spouse is being unfairly held liable for the tax debt of a spouse or former spouse.

Installment Agreement:  The firm's Tennessee attorneys can help clients set up installment agreements with the IRS or State of Tennessee at the lowest possible payment amount.

Levy & Wage Garnishment:  The firm's tax attorneys will work to quickly resolve a bank levy or wage garnishment.

Penalty Abatement:  The firm's Tennessee tax attorneys can seek to have the penalties eliminated that have been added to tax debt.